May 28, 2016

:tada: Initial commit

Hello! :bowtie: Welcome to the very quick-and-dirty PebbleA2 site that I just threw together a moment ago with the hope of planting a seed from which a local Pebble community might grow! :blush:

Who am I? You can call me @ishotjr, or @IshJr for short! :grinning: I’m a huge Pebble enthusiast - I backed the original, as well as the Time, and recently, the Time 2 and Core. I dabbled with earlier versions of the SDK, but got really into Pebble development while waiting for my Time to arrive. I built a working smartstrap before the SDK to support it had even been released, and, with the brilliant @racerx, went on to win the hackathon at which it was announced. Since then, I’ve made various silly smartstraps, and occasionally even something useful - oh, and recently won another hackathon with teammate @robisodd. At the recent Ottawa event, I had a chance to experience the vibrant Pebble community that has formed there, and it inspired me to attempt to create something similar in Ann Arbor. :triumph:

I’ve set an extremely tentative date and time for our initial meeting:

6pm on Wednesday, June 29th, at HopCat in Ann Arbor

This is just an initial suggestion to be iterated upon - get in touch via @PebbleA2 with thoughts, suggestions, conflicts, etc. - there’s still plenty of room for tweaks at this point! :bowtie: :thought_balloon: :calendar:

The initial meeting will be a casual get-together where we can survey the local Pebble landscape, share projects and experiences, and talk about how to get started with Pebble development, for those who are interested. :neckbeard: :computer: :watch:


Meet up with Pebble developers and enthusiasts from Ann Arbor and the Metro Detroit area!

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